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Introducing: ‘live Royal Doulton’

23 Nov Royal Doulton Mode Collection

While the rest of the world is looking for items to put on their Christmas list, we know that all the brides out there are busy looking for items to put on their wedding gift registry.When it comes to a gift registry it really can be a ‘wish list’ because at the end of the day – you’re not paying for it! It may sound like the mentality of a spoiled brat, but you only get to do it once so choose the biggest, the best and the prettiest. Choose quality products that really will last a lifetime.

Royal Doulton just made things a whole lot easier with ‘live Royal Doulton’ an online magazine to showcase their products and all their latest collections. You’ll find videos with designers and artists, recipes, styling ideas, product information as well as a complete visual feast for the eyes. Deck your home in classic British style – Visit live Royal Doulton and explore items to put on your gift registry.

Royal Doulton Fable Collection

Royal Doulton Mode Collection

Royal Doulton Paolozzi Collection

Royal Doulton Pop in for drinks

I am in love with the ‘Pop in for drinks’ range which says just that. As newlyweds it’s such a joy to entertain and host friends in your new found home and with items like this, entertaining on a whim can be stylish and sophisticated. I am also a huge Donna Hay fan and I have to admit most of the Donna Hay for Royal Doulton collection has found a home in my kitchen. Be sure to check out Donna Hay at live Royal Doulton, watch the video for some of Donna’s food styling tips and browse some of her delicious recipes.

Do you have a favourite collection? What will be on your wedding gift registry? Let us know on Facebook, Tweet us or leave a comment below.

Isabel 🙂


Latest wedding trend – floral mismatch

8 Jun

Weddings and pretty go hand in hand. This has never been more true than right now. Wedding planners and couples are reaching for floral, pastel and pretty decorations, fashion and dinnerware to beautify their weddings.

The lovely Carolyn Cavanough from WWRD talks with Modern Wedding and shares her insights on this very popular wedding trend.

Carolyn:  “The temperature is starting to cool outside. As I have never been one for the cold weather in Australia, I thought it would be fun to fast forward a couple months to consider the emerging trends from overseas for spring 2012. Personally I am such an advocate for lovely soft pastel colours and florals, making the new season trends heaven for me!

We are seeing a strong trend toward “floral mismatched”, inspired by the catwalk this darling buds trend includes anything from printed perennials and beaded blossoms to appliqué blooms. In recent seasons mismatched Bridesmaids Gowns have been one of the hottest Bridal trends, with celebrities such as Kate Moss making this trend uber cool (include a range of heights and dress designs in a similar colour palette to make this work seamlessly).

floral bridesmaids

Justin Worboys Photography

The polished ladylike trend continues in fashion, but has also been updated with a pastel palette, flirty polka dots and floral prints. Designers such as Dior, Louis Vuitton and Valentino are all re all working with soft pastel colour palettes sprinkled with spring florals.

floral high tea cups

Mismatched home décor with a touch of nostalgia is very on trend, from mismatched dinnerware and dining chairs. Key looks in homewares see a common thread between all items…materials, colour palette, design and period are important, borrowing from the best styles of bygone days to create a collection relevant to today’s urban living is the way to go. Offer a colourful and eclectic mix of statement floral homewares, emblematic of our time will ensure your home is the talk of the town.

wedding gifts Royal Albert Cups
As this trend for nostalgia continues to evolve and increasingly reflect within contemporary living spaces, Royal Albert is the latest in chic interior design with the launch of its vintage modern homes and lifestyle collection, perfect for this home décor trend whilst including the fashion floral and pastel colour palette for the new season.

Wedding gifts - Royal Albert cushions
The trick to a great fashion and home statement moving forward is to be confident and have fun, soft feminine colour is back in force, and bland beige has had its day. Be clever with your use of colour, stick to one colour is varying pantones, use white and soft grey to balance the colour. Sprinkle statement pieces around the home to brighten up your home and mood, breath and drink tea in beautiful china…..my cure for everything from a bad day to a cold morning!”

Thanks so much to Carolyn for her wonderful insight and visit Waterford Wedgwood Royal Douton for more homeware and style inspirations. WWRD is the leading provider of luxury home and lifestyle products worldwide including Waterford Crystal, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Royal Albert and Johnson Brothers. WWRD products are distributed through premium department stores and independent retailers and wholesalers around the world.

Wedding gift registries – get the RIGHT gifts listed!

7 Jun

My description of wedding fun= Choosing new goddies to fill your house with, spending someone elses money!

It’s now a widely accepted, even expected tradition, to pick out a list of pressies for your guests to choose from. It saves your guests a lot of time and angst over what to buy and with a registry list they can be assured that their presents won’t end up on ebay the following week!

The Wedding List Co. have given us their expert advice on how to make sure you don’t waste your Wedding Registry opportunity!

“A wedding registry should be one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process. However, with so many gifts to choose from the experience can become a little overwhelming. So we have come up with our top tips to help you make some decisions about choosing your gifts and your registry.

Wedding Registry

Wedding List Co.

1. Try to select a wedding registry that offers an in-store and online buying options.
Online options are much more convenient for your guests to purchase gifts for you – particularly if they do not live near a store. In addition to an online buying facility it’s great to have the option for couples to set-up the registry online too and make amendments along the way.
Lastly it’s great to find a registry that offers more than just gifts (such as an invitation service), which will offer you something unique and the added convenience of multiple wedding planning services under the one roof.

2. Make sure your wedding registry contains a range of pieces that appeal to variety of budgets. Include some more affordable pieces but do not be deterred from selecting some expensive items either, as many people like to contribute to a combined gift with others guests if they feel it is something you would love.

Crystal Champagne flutes

Wedding List Co.

3. Indulge in glassware –  Wine tastes so much better from a beautiful glass. And if it’s crystal…even better.
These days crystal does not have to be cut or overly designed, it can be simple and elegant like the Riedel Vinum range. Guests love to give stemware as a gift and it is usually one of the first things to be purchased off a registry. Certainly I have never seen Champagne Flutes left on a list unpurchased. I think it’s because every guest appreciates how nice it is to have lovely glasses for special occasions, and Champagne is always for special occasions so there will be memories around them.

Yellow cookware

Wedding List Co.

4. Kitchenware is king in bridal registries at the moment.
Call it the Masterchef phenomenon but Good Cookware is on the top of couples list right now. Whether it’s some great quality pots and pans, or a good set of knives. Every couple will always have the basics, but if they enjoy cooking they will appreciate the difference a Swiss Diamond frypan and Wusthof Knife will make to the experience.

Wedding gifts

Wedding List Co.

5. Make every night like a night in a luxurious hotel bed with premium bed linen.  
Beautiful Egyptian quality sheets can make your marital bed feel 5-star. Our most popular is the brand new DwellStudio (the biggest selling textile range in the USA) that is stocked exclusively at Wedding List Co. We decided to stock this range after requests from die hard Aussie fans. You may remember the Sex and the City steamy bedroom scenes that were decorated by the DwellStudio range. With iconic graphic prints and bold colors, DwellStudio’s designs are this season’s must have bedroom accessory.

Wedding List Co.

6. Choose something unique.
There will always be guests who would rather buy you something unique. They don’t want to be remembered for what they consider to be ho-hum homewares. For these guests you should have some fun and register something you may never otherwise buy yourself, and something you really lust after.”

wedding gifts

Wedding List Co.

Thank you to Wedding List Co. for your expertise in this field!

Wedding List Co. is an in- store and online registry that offer a high level of customer service and strive to always provide our couples a fun and exciting experience with the largest and finest range of gifts with exclusive brands you can’t find anywhere else.
They are holding an exclusive event on June 21st 2012 at their flagship store in Woollahra, Sydney to launch the new unique invitation service designed to give couples exquisite hand crafted invitations you have never seen before with the added convenience of this under the one roof at Wedding List Co.
It’s a great opportunity to get acquainted with the store and discover all the gorgeous gifts they offer while sipping on some bubbly, plus learning about the latest beauty trends for your upcoming nuptials. Register online to reserve your spot!

Kate xx

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