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Wed With Flowers

29 Nov

I love fresh flowers. Yes their beauty is short lived, but they are beautiful none the less. Fill your wedding celebration with sweetly scented blooms in vibrant hues or pure whites. Bouquets, tables, cakes and hair – the flower is a jack of all trades. Embrace the flower and all it has to offer on your wedding day.

Chanele Rose Flowers - Floral Wedding Cake

Chanele Rose Flowers - Wedding Table Decorations

Images: Chanele Rose Flowers & Event Styling

For more wedding flowers inspiration and ideas plus florists who can  make it happen grab yourself a copy of Modern Wedding Flowers magazine.

Isabel 🙂


Modern Wedding Flowers Magazine Sneak Peak

16 Oct

We are so excited to launch the latest edition of Modern Wedding Flowers magazine which hit the stands last Friday. This annual title is more than just a flowers magazine, it is a complete styling handbook and a favourite in the Modern Wedding library. The work of so many talented florists (really they are the best of the best!) have gone into making this stunning edition and we couldn’t have done it without their creative talents.

This year you’ll find styling ideas for a range of themes including vintage pastels, vivid hues, white on white and rustic romance. Beautiful real weddings featuring gorgeous fresh blooms are scattered throughout the magazine to inspire your own special day. There a hundreds of bouquet ideas to suit every colour palette and season, plus all the essential information that brides need to know when it comes to choosing their wedding flowers.

If you haven’t managed to grab yourself a copy yet then here’s a little sneak peak at some of the divine pages in this edition!

Modern Wedding Flowers Magazine cover

Vintage Pastels - Modern Wedding Flowers magazine

Vintage Pastels - Modern Wedding Flowers magazine

Vivid Hues - Modern Wedding Flowers magazine

Vivid Hues - Modern Wedding Flowers magazine

 Hide White On White - Modern Wedding Flowers Magazine

 Hide White On White - Modern Wedding Flowers Magazine

Rustic Romance - Modern Wedding Flowers magazine

Rustic Romance - Modern Wedding Flowers magazine

I wish I could show you more because there are so many beautiful pages of amazing flowers! But I won’t spoil it because I think that this magazine really is something you’ll want ‘to have and to hold’. Modern Wedding Flowers is available in store at your local newsagent or online at Modern Wedding Magazine shop.


Isabel 🙂

Wedding flowers made easy!

7 May

We asked our wonderful Facebook brides what were some of the things puzzling them about wedding day flowers – and we were inundated with questions! There was a great range of queries from meanings of flowers to practical on-the-day questions. The talented Lina from Chanele Rose Flowers & Styling happily offered her expertise and answered your questions.


Kaitly: Flower meanings! What do different flowers mean? Sometimes the meaning is important and the last thing you want is a funeral flower or such at your wedding.

Lina:  “There are many flower meanings and also colours of flowers will vary the flower meaning.
Some commonly used flowers include:
IVY – Wedded Love, Fidelity
JONQUIL – Returned affection & desire
GARDENIA – Secret Love
DAISY – Loyal Love, Purity
HYACINTH (BLUE) – Constancy
HYACINTH (PURPLE) – I am Sorry, Sorrow
HYACINTH (WHITE) – Loveliness, I’ll Pray for You

Also with Roses the different Colours of Roses will vary in flower meaning if you are really concerned about the meanings you may want to reconsider the colour choices:
ROSE (PINK) – Perfect Happiness
ROSE (RED) – Love, I Love You
ROSE (TEA) – I’ll Remember Always
ROSE (WHITE) – Innocence and Purity

The list goes on…”

Wedding flowers - peach and pink

Tarlee: Real vs fake… And the advantages and disadvantages of both. 

Lina:  “Obviously if you want a bouquet to last forever you would choose the fake option – in my opinion that would be their only advantage. My thoughts on the matter are that you will possibly get sick of looking at that bouquet eventually and also they collect dust!

Fresh flowers are so lovely for a wedding, you cannot deny the fragrance, the look and the texture is something you will always cherish when you think back on your fond wedding memories..”

Brooke: Can you really tell if they are fake?

Lina:  “Oh yes absolutely you can! Perhaps from far away some people may not be able to tell, however close-up there is no denying the look and texture will be a far difference from the ‘real thing’.”

Wedding flowers - vintage

Meagan: What are the best “off white” coloured flowers for brides opting away from the traditional stark white dress.

Lina:  “This is a good question because all things in natural are not “True WHITE”
There are many flowers that are off white of have a slight shade of green with white – such as ranunculus- which are white generally and have a light green centre. Another example is the rose, if you choose a White rose “atiko” or “avalanche” you will find it have a slight green shade to it – you could choose roses like “Vendella” or “Sahara” which are both an off white shade and more like cream/dusty shade of peach. There are so many – depending on the season of course you could try: Calla lilies or Jonquils, Cymbidium orchids, Anemones, Kale, David Austens.” Wedding Flowers - Vintage

Eleanor: How to keep your flowers fresh in the heat?

Lina: “If you are concerned about the weather and keeping your flowers fresh it can be a good idea to keep a little bucket of water close-by during the day. For example between the church and reception put your flowers into a bucket of water to have a little drink when they are not needed. Just be careful not to wet the nice wrapping.
There are some flowers that will love a little spray of water over the top such as Hydrangeas and orchids – but be careful as not all flowers will appreciate a soaking of water in the heat – it may do more damage than good.

There is also a technique these days where the bouquet is created in a floral foam called a Bridie (you can hardly tell), it will have the stems of your flowers drinking in the floral foam. This can’t be done with a natural stem look!  This is a little more expensive than you would expect to pay for a natural stem posy bouquet!
Ask your florist about other methods of keeping your particular bouquet fresh.”

Wedding flowers - vintage

Stace: Do-it-yourself flowers. I’m thinking of organising the table centre pieces myself to cut costs. How early can you buy the flowers before the wedding?
How to store/arrange them? Also where are the best places to buy reasonably priced wholesale flowers (in all states)?

Lina: “If you are wanting to cut costs – it would be best to delegate a friend or family member to help you with this as you are likely to be up very early in the morning to make the flower markets (4 or 5am) and may be exhausted for your actual wedding day!
Every state will have their own Flower markets, which you can generally look up online to find the days and opening times.
Professionally speaking – if this is the first time you are working with flowers I would not recommend experimenting on your wedding day. I would advise to conduct a few trials beforehand to ensure you have the look right and also prevent any potential disasters..”

A big thank your to Lina from Chanele Rose Flowers & Styling for your wonderful advice for our brides.

If you have more questions on flowers please leave them in the comments section below and we will put them to our experts and get back to you!

To download your free chart on what flowers are in season when (Australia only) – check out our In Season article.

Have a wonderful week!

Kate x

If you want connect with today’s floral expert and check out some of here amazing work – check out Chanele Rose Facebook page.

Modern Wedding’s new edition – a sneak peak

16 Dec

If you haven’t seen yet, you will soon. The new issue of  Modern Wedding magazine went on sale this morning, and we have already been flooded with emails from happy brides. We love to hear that our hard work inspires brides around Australia:)

This Summer edition is an Engagement Special issue with over 250 gown ideas, theming inspiration including vintage pastels, sringtime brights, rustic romance and classic chic ideas. There are, once again, some gorgeous fresh DIY ideas, and our ten brides who took on the ten week challenge reveal their new looks. This magazine is packed full of creeative ideas and some must have tips. Here is a little sneak peak:)

Modern Wedding magazine cover

Wedding Flower inspirationWedding DIY with Modern Wedding

Real Wedding - Pink

Pink wedding dresses and National Breast Cancer Foundation

Modern Wedding is known for it’s celebration of fashion and the magazine always has hundreds of gown ideas. Last issue we coupled up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and seven of David Jones‘ top designers to create one-off pink gown ideas to be auctioned off to raise money for Breast Cancer research. The campaign was very successful, so for those of you who participated and put a bid on your favourite gown, thank you from us!

This issue we were lucky enough to have the wonderful Sabino Mena Barreto Photography shoot our glamourous Curzon Hall shoot. The theme of the day was the Enchanting Bride. For a little behind the scenes look at what goes on at a typical fashion shoot day – grab a cuppa, sit back and watch this cute little video:)

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new issue, we are already elbow deep in the next issue! It’s looking like a big one!

Have a great weekend!

Kate x

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Top ways to use flowers at your wedding

31 Oct

There are gorgeous white roses in bloom in my front garden at the moment, they are like little white brides dancing in the wind! This time of the year is so rich with divine sweet smelling blooms. With such beauty around it is no wonder weddings have always gone hand in hand with the art of floristry. With this in mind, I wanted to share with you some of the most beautiful uses of wedding day floristry.

Floral chandeliers

Don’t you just love the idea of flowers cascading down from above, like a chandelier? These lovely floral arrangements are made to hang from a beam or ceiling, either indoors or outdoors. In Aleksandra Schutz’s floral arrangements for Ashley and Trevor’s wedding she channelled the Latvian tradition of threading flowers to create simple and effective floral leis to hang from the ceiling. Wouldn’t they look absolutely lush at a summery garden wedding?

Wedding flower chandelier

Aleksandra Schutz

Wedding flower chandelier

Flowers: Susan Avery, Photo by Charles McKean

Floral Chandelier - weddings

Flowers: Susan Avery, Photo by Charles McKean

Wedding arbors

Wedding arbors, arches or doorways decorated with flowers can really add colour, beauty and fragrance to an outdoor ceremony. I especially love when they frame the bride and groom as they say ‘I do.’

Floral wedding arbor

Blue Toad Flowers

Wedding arbor

Blue Toad Flowers

Wedding floral arbor

Preston Bailey

Wedding trees

Decorative tree-like structures adorned with flowers turn venues into blooming forests of colour and scent.

Wedding floral arbors

Preston Bailey

Wedding trees - pink blossoms

Preston Bailey

Wedding centre piece

Flowers: Susan Avery, Photo by Charles McKean


Wedding swings could be a truly unique and beautiful addition to your wedding venue when decorated by a florist, and would make for great wedding photographs after the ceremony!

Wedding floral swing

Styled by Aleksandra for Kate & Matthew's wedding.

I’m sure many of you will agree that there is nothing more beautiful than a fresh bouquet of flowers on a wedding day, apart from the bride of course! Flowers bring such a sense of celebration to a wedding. They can set the theme, the mood, and the atmosphere of an entire day. They can be vibrant and fresh, or soft, fragrant and romantic.

Floral stylist Aleksandra says, “Flowers help create momentous occasion and provide fulfilment to the senses; scent, sight and touch. It’s admiring nature at its best no matter what your budget is. Keeping with the season is best, and it’s lovely to use flowers when they’re at their peak.”

Thanks to :

Aleksandra Schutz, Susan AveryBlue Toad FlowersPreston Bailey.

So what kind of flowers are you thinking of having at your wedding? Are you dipping your toe into the world of floristry? If these photos have inspired or amazed you let us know! Leave your comments, stop by Facebook or tweet us @ModernWeddingOz
For more inspiration, check out the new Modern Wedding Flowers or our Flowers Gallery.

Holly x

Love in a lavender field – a floral affair

25 Jul

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty sick of my garden and it’s lack of colour! I am counting down the days ’til Spring sprouts colour back into my world! 37 days…

My hunger for sweet smelling flowers, honey drizzled over a colourful fruit salad, warm sun on my back and magpie’s swooping ( yes I’m even missing that!) has lead me to today’s post. The very talented Jose Villa, one of the top 10 photographers in the world, according to the American Photo Magazine, has recently shot a magnificent wedding celebrating the sunny colour of blooms!

Just take a look at the magnificent use of nature in this wedding and the absolutely superb photography! We love it Jose!

Bride with MagnoliaBride and groom with colourful bouquetPeach coloured bridesmaids dressesLace dress and invitationsPeach bridesmaids and colourful bouquetBride and groom under garden archGarden ceremony with pink ribbon chairRed flower centrepieceRed table setting and vintage chairsCeremony flower decorationsSugared CherryBridal tasting platesPageboy at peach weddingLavender fieldColourful Bridal bouquetBride and groom at photoshoot


The couple who’s glorious wedding it was: Ingrid and Howard

The amazing photography was by Jose Villa

The stunning location: The San Ysidro Ranch in Southern California

Planner/designer: Events of Love and Splendor

Incredible flowers: Flower Wild Design


Now, I’m sure I am going to get emails from florists telling me about all the colour you can have in winter, and I do believe you but my garden and my gardening skills aren’t quite up to it. Perhaps next year 🙂

I hope this has inspired you to fill your wedding with flowers; they are natural, beautiful and simply make people smile!

Tell us how you will be incorporating flowers into your wedding??

Happy Monday!

Kate x

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