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Second thoughts

27 Nov

Our bride blogger, Alicia, is back for installment 9 on the Modern Wedding blog and she’s having second thoughts…

There are many decisions to be made in planning a wedding. For example should you have an indoor or an outdoor wedding, a modern or a vintage theme, beach or garden photos, vanilla or recycled stationary… it seems endless. I said that the detail wouldn’t get to me, but after six months of preparations it has! After eight months of looking and planning, all of the details are starting to get blurry I can’t seem to make a confident decision anymore.

For example, this weekend my future sister-in-law was just telling us about the beautiful wedding that she had just attended. It was glamorous and quirky and very on trend, and for each thing that she said I kept thinking “oh. Maybe we should have done that?”

Cute Wedding Table - Image by Jose Villa

Image by Jose Villa Photography

Wedding Favour

Candle Wedding Decorations

A real sign of doubt occurred a few weeks ago (doubts about the dress that is, not about the man! ;-). When I saw the Karen Willis Holmes collection I suddenly wanted to sell my wedding dress and burst out in the sun radiant and breathtaking in the Jillian or the Anastacia.

So what has happened? Where has this “grass is greener” idea come from?

Jillian by Karen Willis Holmes

Jillian by Karen Willis Holmes

Anastacia by Karen Willis Holmes

Anastacia by Karen Willis Holmes

I think that it’s because of information overload. I’ve read and researched too much. And I don’t necessarily get to see the price tag that comes with some of these things, and which might be way outside my budget anyway. So I have taken a step back. I’m spending very little time on Pinterest, and I am instead relying on my gut instinct and preference for personal style and options.

Personal Wedding Note

So our wedding may end up being a little bit of a crazy hodgepodge of ideas and styles. And so?! If that’s the case then it will be quirky in our way, not the quirkiness of a magazine or a stylist. The important thing is that we are comfortable, in love and at ease with our guests and that people will say “wow, that wedding favour really is Alicia” or “that music is so Shane”.

Alicia x

Image Credits from top to bottom:

Image from, Image from, Image from, Jillian (KWH demi couture collection), Anastacia by Karen Willis Holmes, Love note image from


‘Girls & Pearls’ Bridal Shower

8 Oct

Today we bring you a gorgeous bridal shower from Pretty Little Vintage. This ‘Girls & Pearls’ high tea inspired bridal shower has every divine detail one could possibly think of!

The bride to be, Tracy, of Pretty Little Vintage, fell in love with vintage tea sets during a short stint in London and her passion for vintage china soon lead to her own beautiful collection. When Tracy and her bridesmaid Justine joined their collection of vintage crockery together they launched Pretty Little Vintage so others could hire and enjoy their beautiful collections too! Tracy spoke to us about her own recent bridal shower using the Pretty Little Vintage collection and props of course!

Candy Buffet - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

 'Mrs Mac 2 Be' - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

Vintage Tea Pot - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

'Bride To Be' Chocolate - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

'Savouries Cabinet' - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal

'Tracey's Bridal Shower' - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Gifts- Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

Cake Pops - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

Decoration Detail - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

Dessert Buffet Detail - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

Drink Station - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

Table Setting - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

Vintage Tea Cup - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

Vintage Tea Cup - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

Yummy Cakes - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

 Vintage Tea Pot - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

Vintage Tea Pot - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

Vintage Tea Pot and Photo Booth - Pretty Little Vintage Bridal Shower

“The Bridal shower took place in Justine’s beautiful family home with panoramic views of Melbourne’s Docklands. It accommodated 3 sit down tables, a ‘savouries cabinet’ as well as a candy & dessert buffet table completely styled by Pretty Little Vintage” says Tracy.

“Our candy & dessert buffet table featured a pearl decorated cake, bespoke vintage cupcakes, cake pops and macaroons by sweet suppliers Done by Dunne, Ipops and La Belle Miette. This was intertwined with embellished candy buffet jars with little goodie bags placed on top of inverted vintage trio cups for guests to fill up and take away. Our ‘Savouries Cabinet’ featured three shelves of homemade sandwiches, various finger food and a birdcage serviette dispenser.”

“Sit down tables took on the ‘Girls & Pearls’ theming and were decorated by the Pretty Little Vintage team – customised pearl-framed place settings which also substituted as a take home favour for guests, mismatched vintage tea trio sets with accompanying swizzle sticks set on Christina Re paper used as placemats. Centre pieces, floral arrangements, pearls, champagne, homemade English scones and 3 tiered vintage cake stands lined each table. We also made a personalised “Mrs Mak 2 Be” frame and used various printables from Sweet Scarlet Designs.” The girls also included a photo corner for guests to jot down their marriage advice and snap themselves with an old school polaroid inspired.

Thank you so much to Tracy of Pretty Little Vintage for sharing her exquisite bridal shower with us! For more information on Pretty Little Vintage check out their Facebook page.

For more bridal shower and high tea inspiration check out Macarons, Makeup + Mad Hats: perfect Pastel Inspiration Shoot and Gorgeous DIY High  Tea Wedding.

‘Girls and Pearls’ is such a unique theme – Do you have a unique theme in mind for your bridal shower? Comment below or share with us on Facebook

Isabel 🙂

After the wedding…keep, sell or donate your wedding dress?

31 Aug

Here at Modern Wedding we often get asked by brides for suggestions on what they can do with their beautiful wedding gown after the wedding.

Many brides have saved hard to get the dress of their dreams, painstakingly chosen it and focused on its every detail, so it’s the last thing they’re thinking of before the wedding…but, it will most likely be one of the first things that comes to mind once the dust settles after their big day!

In light of this common question and with the sad news this week that a Canadian woman drowned while doing a ‘trash the dress’ photo shoot, we’ve come up with a few alternatives for brides.

Bride in her wedding dress

Eye to Eye Photography

Wedding dress with hair accessory

GM Photographics

Keep it

The most common practice for brides is to have their gown professionally cleaned and boxed or bagged (some even frame it!), after their wedding. The dress is then tucked away somewhere special and brought out every so often to air and admire!

Pass it on

Many brides have grand visions of keeping their dress for their future daughter or niece in the hope they will want to wear it for their own wedding, or use a part of it for their own gown. Using some of the fabric from your wedding dress is also a popular option for children’s christening outfits.

Sell it

Wedding dresses are also sold in all sorts of ways – by bridal boutiques and websites that specialise in the sale of pre-owned wedding dresses (like The Bare Faced Bride and Still White), in the Trading Post, on eBay, via word of mouth, etc.

If you go through a specialised business they will often sell your gown for you on consignment, which means you will get your money after they sell it.

A word of warning – don’t expect to get the same amount of money that you paid for your dress. Even though you think it is the best wedding dress around, in reality it is second hand and brides expect to get a deal!

It’s also important that you sell your dress within a reasonable amount of time after your wedding. You don’t want to wait 5 years before you sell it, but within 2 years is a good gauge.

Bride and groom

Divinity Photography

Bride by a window

Eye to Eye Photography

Wedding dress hanging up

Natural Lights Photography

Donate it

A nice idea is to donate your wedding gown to another bride who may not have the means to buy one. You could donate it to your local charity store or to a community service for women in your local area. And if you live in Victoria The Salvation Army’s Abbotsford store has set up a bridal department.

The Tiara Project is a also a good option as they are a not-for-profit organisation which provides free formal dresses to young women attending school formals, debutante balls, weddings and other special events, who couldn’t otherwise afford it.

From our research we haven’t found any other Australian websites which facilitate wedding dress donations but if you communicate to your network what you want to do with your dress, you are sure to get a response. You could also advertise it for free on a selling website, like the Trading Post or eBay.

Trash it

The ever popular ‘trash the dress’ photo shoot sees many married brides (and grooms) doing a special photo shoot where they trash their wedding dress in water, in a food fight, with paint or by ripping it – however they want to trash it! While it isn’t for every bride it is a fun way to make more memories and relive a little bit of your wedding.

Restyle it

Some brides alter and dye their wedding dress to make it into a cocktail dress or evening gown – depending on the dress style. It’s a practical way to get the most out of your dress and it will be special every time you wear it.

So what do you plan on doing with your wedding dress? Would you ever sell or donate it? We’d leave to read your comments.

Rhonda 🙂

{Real Wedding} Shades of Pink

20 Aug

Oh Monday…it comes too quickly and lasts too long – the exact opposite of our wedding day which for some is a long time coming and for everybody goes in the blink of an eye. Lucky for us we’re in the business of weddings and these celebrations of love have the power to cure even the most severe case of Monday blues.

This real wedding caught my eye with the beautiful shades of pink that feature throughout the wedding from the flowers, to the bridesmaid’s dress and reception decorations. Pink is one of those colours that will never lose favour among brides, partly because of its ability to reinvent itself in a million different shades.

R E G I N A  &  C A L V I N

F R O M  T H E  B R I D E

The Proposal…

The proposal happened to be in Singapore. I got a very bad flu that day and spent half of the day in bed.  I then went out with a good friend of mine for a catch up dinner. Calvin said he wanted to take a look at the new Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Casino, which was across from our hotel. When I came back from the dinner, he was on one knee and surprised me with the engagement ring on a small teddy bear with red roses.


We didn’t really have a theme, but we knew that we wanted a non-traditional private, close, intimate wedding and we didn’t want to bore our guests. We tried to match up with our reception place which is a private, heritage venue, not far from Sydney CBD.


Peach, pink and pastel colours.


The reception venue had its own special feature; a private garden where guests can mingle outdoors and indoors. We decorated the indoor waiting area with our engagement photos displayed on small tables with a few table props that we purchased when we were overseas. We borrowed cake designer vintage metal bird cage props, with hanging cookie birds inside. A DIY photo booth corner was set up and Fuji Instax Camera so that our friends could take funny pictures and enjoy themselves.

We made our own table seating plan and menu card using our wedding invitations as our template. Each guest table had 2 small vases filled with unstructured flowers with similar colours as my bouquet. We let the guests take the flowers home with them as souvenirs.


We organised a magician to perform and entertain our guests with his magic techniques, he even brought his dove and a rabbit. Guests received alternate favours, bird shaped salt and paper shaker which came in a small package with peach ribbon on the top.


We didn’t go on our honeymoon straight away; we’ll be going to go to Europe 6 months after our wedding reception and we’ll be having another small celebration with close family and friends in Malaysia before departing for our honeymoon.


Photography: Deyan Photography Gown: Pronovias from Fashions By Farina Groom’s Suit: David Jones Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Seduce Flowers: Flower Avenue Ceremony Venue: St Dominic’s Catholic Church, Flemington Reception Venue: Mandalay Cake: Spoon and Fork

Will you shade your day with pink? One shade or many shades? Let us know, stop by Facebook or tweet us @ModernWeddingOz.

Isabel 🙂


Things I’d change about my wedding

26 Jul

To answer a question I get asked all the time – Yes, I absolutely loved our wedding but there are a few things I’d change about it if I had my time again.

In hindsight it’s easy to plan it all again in your head and to work out what you would do differently, and while I don’t regret any part of my wedding (have I said I loved it?!) there are some elements that could have been even better.

Get dressed by an expert
I was lucky enough to have a couture gown and my designer even came to my wedding ceremony! She was also kind enough to offer to come to my house and dress me on the morning of our wedding, but I said no as I didn’t feel it was necessary. In hindsight I should have definitely had her there. 

It ended up being quite stressful and rushed and while my mum and bridesmaid tried very hard to get my gown on me it was difficult as they were very worried about damaging it. In the end I completely forgot to put the tulle on under the gown so I had to do it all over again – disaster!

Bride arriving at the wedding ceremony

Society Photography

Choose your side
This seems silly to write about but it really affected me and is more important than you might think. As the wedding car was a tight fit in our driveway I could only get in one side of the car when I was picked up, and it was the wrong side for getting out on the right side at the church. 

As a result I had to move over the back seat of the car when we got to the church and it was really difficult with a big gown and everyone looking at me! I was also very teary at the time so it wasn’t the grandest of entrances.

Wedding band playing guitars

Xsight Photography

Keep entertainment in mind
We were umming and ahhing a lot about what musical entertainment to get. We had a bagpipe player for our entrance to the reception and then ended up with a DJ for the dancing part of the night. 

Even though our DJ was great we wanted a band as we like live music. In hindsight I wish we had trusted our instinct and gone with one. For our reception style it would have been perfect and I think it would have made the party even more fun!

Rhonda and Evan Wedding

Raoul Tackelburg Photography

Styling help
Two years ago when we got married it didn’t seem as popular as today, but I would have loved to have a stylist help us with our wedding. This is the ideal as it depends on your budget but even just some advice with our reception styling would have been great. I think we did a great job but a stylist would have taken it to the next level.

Rhonda and Evan Wedding leaving reception

Raoul Tackelburg Photography

Make the most of your flowers
We went for minimal flowers – bouquets for myself and our bridesmaid, buttonholes for the guys and our parents, and candles with scattered rose petals on the reception tables. We used roses which were wonderful, and perfect for our winter wedding, but I now wish we had used more of them. 

Flowers are so beautiful and add a lovely touch to the overall theme of your wedding. I loved what we had but just wanted more! I should have listened to my florist.

I’m being picky with my pointers above but that’s because they were the only things I’d change. It was a beautiful day and so much fun – I wish we could do it all over again.

If you’ve already been married what would you change about your wedding? And if you’re about to get married what are you most worried about?

And here’s some more tips for your wedding day – Ten wedding unavoidables you need to know about.

I hope your wedding is just perfect!

Rhonda 🙂

Your wedding gown style – getting it right

20 Jul

Your wedding dress is the most luxurious gown you’ll ever buy,  for the one day that you’ll want to look like a perfect princess. Choosing what wedding dress style you choose can be daunting, so much pressure is on this garment to be absolutely right.

Catherine from Catherine R Couture deals with brides every day going through this agony and she has some great advice for you.

Catherine: ” Not every bride has a vision of the wedding gown style they would imagine themselves wearing on their wedding day. For some brides the thought itself can bring feelings of dread or anxiousness.

Your wedding day is a day you look forward to and finding the perfect gown to wear on this day should also be a wonderful experience and not your worst nightmare. With the right assistance and some valuable guidance every bride can be wearing the perfect gown.

Couture wedding gown with ruffles

Catherine R Couture

Once you have chosen the wedding date you have an idea of the weather (remembering it is always unpredictable no matter what season you have chosen), you then will choose your venue accordingly and this will dictate a little about your personal style. Your love of outdoors or your passion for contemporary elegance will follow through into your choice of gown.

Couture wedding gown - strapless

Catherine R Couture

Now you can direct your attention to your gown. If you are a bride who has been dreaming of your wedding gown style since you where a young girl, then it can be an easier process to have it made by a reputable couturier or designer.

If not, then it’s time to do some research and find an amazing designer who can understand your desires, recommend the appropriate fabrics and sketch up ideas and concepts. Look over reviews too – brides are very happy to share their experiences and these can be very useful.

Couture Wedding gown with back detail

Catherine R Couture

I would like to think that it is something you are excited about so try not to be daunted by it or overwhelmed – it can and will be a fun experience. Remember to be honest with yourself and your designer – she is working to create your dream wedding gown for you.
When you put on a gown and look into the mirror the reflection doesn’t lie – be true to your thoughts and express them, this will avoid any disappointment in the finished gown.

Go forth and create a memorable, amazing experience.”

Couture wedding gown - drop waisted

Catherine R Couture

Thank you to Catherine for your great advice.

At Catherine R Couture, they pride themselves on superior workmanship, friendly and professional service and of course, beautiful designs. You will be amazed at how much you will enjoy the couture process, from the sketching, measures, and fittings, right through to the final fitting with accessories.
Catherine R Couture – 9 Strathalbyn St. Kew East 3102
03 9819 7677

Check out Catherine R Couture chatting about her latest styles and view some of her beautiful designs being modelled.

If you need some more tips on what wedding dress style will suit your shape check out Modern Wedding’s tips.

Have you chosen your gown? What was the hardest part about choosing ‘The One?’
Leave your comments in the section below or on our Facebook Page or Tweet us @ModernWeddingOz

Have a great weekend!

Kate x

{Inspiration Shoot} Fall For Me

17 Jul

We don’t often see inspirational shoots dedicated to months other than summer and spring, they tend to focus on the warmer months, which are far more popular for weddings. So the minute I saw this incredible Autumn themed shoot “Fall For Me” styled by Cathrin D’Entrement of Cathrin D’Entrement Weddings, I fell. Hard.

“I always wanted to do a styled shoot representing all the rich autumn colours,” said Cathrin. “I see so many spring and summer wedding styled shoots, with their soft pastel colours and not nearly enough autumn colours, like the rich reds, greens and yellows.”

From the Stylist: “Every season has its elements. Autumn – harvest time, a beautiful season with their crisp mornings and sunshine still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors. Red apples, crystal decanters filled with aged port, old charm rooms with dark wooden floors, cosy furniture – sipping Gluhwein by the fireplace listening to soft music from a string quartet.  To me that says ‘Autumn has arrived’. Don’t you find the light has that special glow?

Creating beautiful table settings is important to me. I am forever searching for beautiful linen and I think in my next life I will own a table linen shop. Chefs take hours to create that perfect dish so why not sit at a table to match! You have so many elements to play with, table cloth, flowers, candles, cutlery, crystal glasses. Keep them within the same warm colours and your table will be dressed in no time. Don’t forget to add a touch of gold to add a feel of elegance.

Apples are a big part of autumn, so naturally I had to create an apple tower using many toothpicks to hold them together. It took a few hours but was worth the effort as in my opinion it sets-off any table display. Deep red lips for my bride and a warm fur cape and binoculars for the groom – is autumn not a popular hunting season or rather shall we say a bird watching time?

The florist incorporated all the fall foliage for the bouquets. Red amaryllis, red roses, cymbidiums and lots of fall foliage such as ‘firepower nandina’. The beautiful little flower girl holding my old porcelain strawberry cup which was handed down through many generation from my great-grandma. Travelling with me from Germany, Malaysia, and Canada to Perth was a perfect fit for her small hands.

Well-thought-through stationery is so important to any event. We only create it for a special occasion and often keep it in our memory box. The stationary artist added a red wax stamp to keep within the theme and give it an old charm. A menu card doesn’t have to be square nor does the place card have to be in place behind the dessert spoon.

After careful planning, triple checking and fabulous communications between all participating vendors, the style shoot came together in harmony. Everything had its place and was places with care.

I always tell brides and grooms to collect their perfect team of vendors as it is them who will create their beautiful wedding and you can see with this Style Shoot that I had mine. Their passion and professionalism will always translate your vision into a piece of art filled with harmony.”

Congratulations to the talented team that made this shoot possible:
Event Design and styling │ Cathrin D’Entremont Weddings
Floral Design │ Flower Talk
Photo │NK Photography
Video │Urban Light
Wedding Gown │ Samantha Wynne
Stationery │ Mitchell and Dent
Hair & Make-up │ Nicole Forde
Music │Les Trois Amies
Models │ Melissa and Nilan
Flower girl │Jasmyne
Chairs │Bride and Groom Store
Grooms suit │Formal Wear Express (Rebecca and Mark)
Location │ Bluewater Grill (Function Coordinator Natalie Compton)

How’s your wedding planning going? Are you planning an Autumn wedding? Let us know! Leave a comment, stop by Facebook or tweet us @ModernWeddingOz.

Rosemary xox