Second thoughts

27 Nov

Our bride blogger, Alicia, is back for installment 9 on the Modern Wedding blog and she’s having second thoughts…

There are many decisions to be made in planning a wedding. For example should you have an indoor or an outdoor wedding, a modern or a vintage theme, beach or garden photos, vanilla or recycled stationary… it seems endless. I said that the detail wouldn’t get to me, but after six months of preparations it has! After eight months of looking and planning, all of the details are starting to get blurry I can’t seem to make a confident decision anymore.

For example, this weekend my future sister-in-law was just telling us about the beautiful wedding that she had just attended. It was glamorous and quirky and very on trend, and for each thing that she said I kept thinking “oh. Maybe we should have done that?”

Cute Wedding Table - Image by Jose Villa

Image by Jose Villa Photography

Wedding Favour

Candle Wedding Decorations

A real sign of doubt occurred a few weeks ago (doubts about the dress that is, not about the man! ;-). When I saw the Karen Willis Holmes collection I suddenly wanted to sell my wedding dress and burst out in the sun radiant and breathtaking in the Jillian or the Anastacia.

So what has happened? Where has this “grass is greener” idea come from?

Jillian by Karen Willis Holmes

Jillian by Karen Willis Holmes

Anastacia by Karen Willis Holmes

Anastacia by Karen Willis Holmes

I think that it’s because of information overload. I’ve read and researched too much. And I don’t necessarily get to see the price tag that comes with some of these things, and which might be way outside my budget anyway. So I have taken a step back. I’m spending very little time on Pinterest, and I am instead relying on my gut instinct and preference for personal style and options.

Personal Wedding Note

So our wedding may end up being a little bit of a crazy hodgepodge of ideas and styles. And so?! If that’s the case then it will be quirky in our way, not the quirkiness of a magazine or a stylist. The important thing is that we are comfortable, in love and at ease with our guests and that people will say “wow, that wedding favour really is Alicia” or “that music is so Shane”.

Alicia x

Image Credits from top to bottom:

Image from, Image from, Image from, Jillian (KWH demi couture collection), Anastacia by Karen Willis Holmes, Love note image from


2 Responses to “Second thoughts”

  1. Northern Pixel Photography November 28, 2012 at 8:13 am #

    Quirky in your own way is definitely the way to go. Stay true to yourself and don’t sweat the details too much.
    A wedding should be a day of love and happiness that you will always remember, not a day to regret because it was too complicated for you to enjoy all the moments of the day.

  2. Alicia December 3, 2012 at 10:07 pm #

    Reblogged this on thisbeachlife and commented:
    Eight weeks to go until our wedding, and I am having second thoughts..!

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