A Great Time to Source DIY Materials

20 Nov

Are you looking to get started on some DIY wedding projects over the festive season? Editor of Modern Wedding DIY magazine, Gail MacDiarmid, has some DIY wedding projects and it’s the perfect time of year to start!

Gail: As a stylist, I am always looking out for interesting items that can be adapted and used as decorative detail when styling a photo shoot. Christmas is an ideal time to source pretty items and materials that can be integrated into weddings. Gone are the days when Christmas decorations were limited to tinsel, hanging baubles and glittery stars only available in shades of green, red, silver or gold. Nowadays, there are wide ranges of diverse items in various colours and themes that are not necessarily restricted to the festive season.  If you are getting married at this time of the year, or early in the new year, don’t ignore what is on offer at Christmas time. You will be surprised at what you find.

Earlier this week I did a quick whip around the stores and came up with a few ideas that  are not expensive and which could add interesting touches to your wedding. For example, I could not resist the cute little bird decorations, hard to find at other times of the year, for use as a cake topper. Cupcakes are always popular and pretty and I like the idea of using the delicate glass cupcake ornaments, often employed as a Christmas tree decoration, as placecard holders for guests. Another attractive and versatile novelty are the clear  Christmas tree baubles picked up at my local craft store. These make great favour containers and can be filled with messages of thanks, sweet goodies or even bath salts. Christmas food is something I always look forward to especially the delicious rich fruity puddings. These can be easily transformed into decadent truffles and given as favours to your guests.

Lovebird Cake-topper

The little birdies look gorgeous as lovebirds when placed in a delicate nest lined with spanish moss and perched on top of your wedding cake. Ready-made nests can be purchased online or, if you would like to learn how to make your own,  pick up the latest issue of Modern Wedding DIY magazine.

Cupcake Placecards

To use the sparkly cupcakes as placecard holders for your guests, simply insert an extra piece of fine wire in the shape of a hook into the top of the decoration next to the existing wire loop and slip the placecard in between the two pieces of wire.

Clear Bauble Favours

When I spied these at my local craft store I immediately could see them as wedding favours. Made from PET plastic and filled with items of your choice  they are sure to be appreciated as attractive novelties.

Fruit and Nut Truffles

A tasty wedding favour can be made from the traditional Christmas pudding. Serve the decadent chocolate truffles after your celebratory meal or give them as a take-home food favour.

To make, simply crumble a 250g miniature Christmas pudding into a bowl and add 1/3 cup of chopped slivered almonds previously oven-roasted until golden. Add 100g of melted dark cooking chocolate, mix thoroughly, roll teaspoon quantities of mixture into balls and coat with cocoa powder.



Special thanks to Gail for sharing with us!

Do you have any DIY ideas perfect for the Christmas season? Or perhaps you’re eager to try out one of the ideas above? Let us know, facebook or tweet us some pictures!

For more DIY wedding ideas from Gail check out {Do-it-yourself} Bomboniere Harvest Apples and Weekend Baking For a DIY Wedding Gift.

MW x


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